We Own The Night Tour Review (Allstar’s Section) - Digital Tour Bus

By Allen Cruz

"I’ll admit it, I was skeptical of the second act. All I knew about them is that they were handsome young guys who played instruments and smiled a lot. Seems pretty standard right? Well, the guys from Allstar Weekend are far from standard. They performed like they were being injected with adrenaline constantly. Energy was not lacking whatsoever and they constantly were running around stage letting all the females know why they will always feel like it’s the weekend with these boys. Their opening song was a hit called "A Different Dide of Me", which was welcomed right away with jumping, high pitched voices, and girls crowding into the middle of the stage to catch a look or two from the Allstars. In the middle of their set they taught the crowd what they called the, "Sloppy Joe" which is a dance move that mixes hip hop palm pounding with a full body beat bounce. They incorporated it into their third song and if the crowd bounced even more the theatre would have launched into space, or at least that’s what I imagined. Throughout their show, you would see subtle mouthed "thank yous" to the crowd, charming smiles, eye contact, and a finger pointing to a lucky someone letting them know "you’re awesome". That’s when I realized, man I need to take notes from these dudes. "T.G.I.F." from super star Katy Perry was played by the boys and it was definitely an audience sing-along. In the bridge of the song where the saxophone solo comes in, the guitarist from Allstar Weekend took center stage and ripped it on the guitar, it was impressive and my respect for them rose even higher. The next song was their very new single called "Blame it on September", which started off with a guitar switch to an acoustic guitar. The song is a ballad of lost love and just as I turned to look into the crowd I saw glowsticks and cell phones being waved in the air. Their final song was the party popper called, "Not Your Birthday." The heavy beat was infectious, turning the whole venue into a dance hall. The guys ran around, the lead singer Zach ran off stage, was surrounded by a flock of girls, went back up and threw his hat into the audience. If it weren’t crowded enough, the front of the stage was packed with screaming fans hoping to catch at least an eye from one of the band members and Allstar Weekend delivered. One thing that got me hyped was the hip hop breakdown in "Not Your Birthday" because it was deep and heavy. I totally did the "Sloppy Joe" just because I couldn’t help myself. Allstar Weekend ended on a definite high note, literally, I mean the screaming was stressing my ear drums but it was well deserved because the Allstar boys put on a fun, packed, and energized show."

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